Thursday, January 31, 2008

loot prob

now that my daughter's birthday celebration is over we got this itsy bitsy problem, where to put all the gifts and toys that she received from her party. not that i'm complaining, i'm really happy for my little brat here with so many things to play with. but you see, we have a very small place to keep all those stuffs you know. but anyways, we're just keeping it in stack at one corner of the house. my cousin whom i called to help me arrange all those loots are not being so cooperative for he is so busy playing with his xbox 360! oh my, i wonder when can i finish arranging and stacking all this up.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


today is mom's birthday, and guess what, we don't even bought a gift for her! argh. how can we forget that? you see weve'd been all so busy with the party preparation for the little hence we forgot to get her a present, well actually we were supposed to give her a surprise greeting with a cake blowing thing during Olin's birthday celebration, but she told us earlier that if ever we have plans of surprising her during the party we might as well forget it as soon as possible for she wouldn't oblige! hard headed mom eh? anyways, today is another busy day for me because we had a wedding that we coordinated and i hosted at Island Cove, the couple's kind of rich that they got a gift from one of the sponsors of an out of the country trip, cool! i wonder if they're going to get one of those famous Hilton Head rentals in those world renowned tropical beach countries.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

where in the?!

took this shot while we were heading the up hill chapel of Calaruega, when my aunt suddenly had an urge to use the rest room. it took us a while to locate the comfort room of the place, since it was our first time in the said place, but lo and behold! the rest room are so big and cozy! very inviting i tell you! my sister and i actually doesn't have a plan to use it but it feels home, so i made use of it! hahaha... the faucets are so expensive looking like the one you see in a Grohe faucets sites. neatly done.


while everyone celebrates this time of the year as the start of a new life there are still some who needs life's enlightenment, there are still who are in the darkness of their life that is in the search of their real life essence. drug addiction is still one of the major distractions of one's life, something the government look at as one of the societies killer. some thinks getting into drugs and the likes means no way out, but to be honest, there is a life after that. one can change their way of life, if the person really wants to, there are many drug treatment centers and one can turn to, in order for himself to change, for the person to have a chance of the better life. Drug Treatment are available for those who wants to get medical attention with their drug dependency. there is still hope, i know. because i know some who had their life change after the treatment, now they are kicking the best of things out of their life. there is still hope. you just have to be determined.


this is the chapel of Transfiguration in Calaruega... a famous religious site for many. stories from the bystanders tells about the many advocates of this place wherein almost everyday, people from every walks of life tries to reach this place even if it is located a bit far from the metro. i heard that there are even tourists and travellers who goes straight to the place from the airport still with their Samsonite luggage.


a meme snag from Lizzz... thanks sis!

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure yummy food?
~ chocolates. popcorn. ice cream.chocolate cake

2. It is snack time. What do you reach for? Chips? Ice cream? Something healthy?
~ potato chips or baked crackers :) healthy of course!

3. What is your ideal breakfast?
~ i love anything with bread -- ham, bacon, peanut butter, sausage, cheese... and coffee!

4. What are you craving right now?
~ Popcorn--- much preffered with a home theater popcorn machines! yeah i know.. just dreamin aloud... :)


my birthday is soon be approaching and the husband already asked me of what i would want to receive as my birthday gift.... and i said.. 'how about a Technomarine watch?!?!' lol, it was just a joke i tell you... but who knows, he does gets my point and really get me one! wow, that would be great! and expensive. hahaha... well, really, anything will be highly appreciated. nothing expensive and fancy is required you know. hmmm, how about a nice but not so expensive watch or a dinner date or a massage? now i'm torn...

Monday, January 14, 2008

wedding in Tagaytay

we will be attending my friend's wedding on the twenty second and up to now, we are still clueless on what to give them for their loot. my mom even asked me what gifts from our wedding loot did i loved best? actually every gifts were well appreciated by us, but of course there are still the so called favorites one of the many is the wind chimes that is still hanging outside our house, i also heart the vacuum cleaners that is so useful with the tiring house chores! ok, need to pause for a while, my baby woke up from her sleep... and speaking of sleep, we also loved the pillows and bed sheets given to us!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


i decided to take a quick brake on my photo posting here... with this tag!

I got this form one of the pretty moms on my list-- Lizz. thanks sis!

1. I love to eat: gummy bears, sizzling steaks, sinampalukang manok
2. I hate to eat: fish
3. I love to go: to the spa... dip in one of the beautifully designed hot tubs, get body scrub and a whole body massage!
4. I hate to go: to places that i'm not familiar
5. I love it when: Olin smiles and kiss me
6. I hate it when: my daughter and husband is not feeling well... actually it makes me sad.
7. I love to see: my family happy and content
8. I hate to see: little kids not being well taken care of... it breaks my heart.
9. I love to hear: my daughter's giggles when she's playing with her father
10. I hate to hear: loud music... the roars and shouts pisses the whole me

party approaching

my daughter's birthday is two weeks to go, thus making me in a cramming mode once again, i tell you, it is really hard to have a birthday preparation right after the joyous holiday season! everyone seems to be so busy with a lot of things and talking to them regarding parties and the likes would be like talking to an alien speaking people. so we decided to have things be finalized on the first week of the January right after the busy season. so there, got confirmed most of the suppliers already and only few things are needed to be straighten up. a few nights ago i tested my balloon making skills and had a final out put of flower balloons, because of budget management we opt not to get a professional event stylist for the balloon decors, instead my cousins and i would be the one to that. we are just going to use my husband's air compressor from Delta machinery for the airing of the said balloons. good luck to us! lol.

on food and getting fat

here is a shot of one of the many cold cuts for appetizers that my friends ate during my previous company's Christmas party at a hotel in Manila. sometimes, even when you are already focused in getting yourself fit food and its yummyness always gets in the way! if only my husband will allow me to go to the gym again, maybe then i wouldn't have the hard time to get back my shape. pregnancy fats are still enjoying their long stay in my body. argh. if only i get to exercise again in a gym and use equipments like dumbbells, treadmills and the likes, getting my wanted body shape would be easy! plus i can and would probably be able to eat foods that fancies my taste.


last Sunday when we brought Olin at Tagaytay for a quick trip at the zoo, you see this tourist spot is always crowded with the locals and tourists as well. actually there are other things and so many places to visit in this area. the cold climate is also a plus. restaurants with different themes and effects are all over the city, churches and meditation centers are abundant and seminaries too. hot spots such as coffee shops, bistros, clubs and even quite a number of drug rehab are also located there. it's actually a one stop place for everything, for pleasure, dining, rehabilitation and meditation. all in one!


this is the SM Mall of Asia located at Pasay City Philippines, the largest mall in the country and said to be second in the world. honestly, i never enjoyed touring around and shopping here, we only does when we got no choice and when the things we are needing are not available in the smaller malls outside the metro. my feet is dead after the non stop walking here. imagine the real estate that was invested in here. the hundreds and hundreds of shops populating the whole mall are like mushrooms all around the area, you can practically get dizzy. but shopping is always fun don't we all think? give me a million and i will splurge it all there! no complains at all. lol.
photo taken using Nikon D40 in a auto mode (as usual)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

pink power flower

here is my wanna be shot during the preparation of the wedding that my sister in law covered. the main photog team were actually arranging the things needed to be photographed when i saw this secondary sponsor's in hang flowers at the bedside. so what i did is took my chance with the beautiful flowers and voila, shoot! here is the outcome. something i'm so proud of actually :) taken using my Nikon D40

i disclose