Friday, May 27, 2011

celebrities and personalities

I’m celebrity spotting, again at this wee hour of the night. Can’t sleep, so I’ve decided to check out on our favorite Hollywood and famous people on sites that features them. Anyways, it’s just now that I learned on Kate Middleton’s pre-wedding diet actually consists of normal food! and when I say normal, it doesn’t contains any pre-packed or specialized made to order all greens and beans kind of thing but just the usual meat, carbs and fruits  plus a little bit of chocolates too! See? we can do that too you know, just lean and light portions. But for those who can't, there's always instant ways like this hgh diet!  which the other stars are taking :D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Corsets for Ladies

Fashion of today is really fantastic. There are lots of women’s dresses, pants, tops and shoes that are really nice to look at and most of these fashionable items can really bring out the best of any woman. A woman can even look sexier with the current corset tops. I remember my friend who is very fashionable from head to toe; everyone who had a look at her will definitely take a second look.

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docs to go

For many companies that had been established as of the moment, document management is really a part of the system. There are document controllers that are assigned to this department especially if the company is wishing to have ISO certification. Documents of every company play a vital role. Once lost, the document is hard to recover unless the company has many methods of backing up their files. As of today, companies tend to have back-up soft copies, sharepoints are also used.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I love!!!

pang blog

Here are three of our Apple gadgets… the 2gb ipod shuffle is at my sister's while the one I used to take a snap of this photo is my iPhone. And guess what, tomorrow we’ll be picking up my iPad! woot! Happiness it is! We’re not really gadget-freaks but we just love using this i-version stuff! Thanks to my dad who introduced this to us years ago when he first gave us first generation ipod classic that we used to store hundreds of music downloads and photos :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo Gifts for the Couple

A friend is about to tie the knot this coming June and I was asked to be a working guest on their special day. Where I’d be a back up photographer at the same time during the ceremony and probably during the reception too. And so, I’ve decided to give them a post wedding gift - portrait of them as a couple and just order a nice and classy frame from the selections of personalized wedding gifts under $50 over at!  Here are the three top picks that I’ll choose from… what is your bet?

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the royal couple with the kids


I wonder if this photo being seen over the net is for real. Can’t really tell if they really had some group shots at the palace after the ceremony or this was just created by some very artistic Photoshop freak. Anyways, this shot looks real to me though, how about you? what do you think of this picture? But true or not, I still had a grand time watching this fairy tale wedding two days ago, it made me realized that happy ending is still possible!

And now, I better go back to the real world of life, gotta search for the most effective hgh releasers in the market today! :)