Wednesday, December 28, 2011

how to be free

How would you like to be free from all your credit card debts? Sounds interesting I know, like me, I really need some good help when it comes to helping myself and totally be able to eliminate credit card debts and other matters related to it. That is why I really read and study the proposals being sent to me about debt free solutions so I can finally decide on how to finally settle everything. I mean, being a stay at home mother and home maker without a monthly salary paying for all my credit card dues is really pain in that part, you know what I mean.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

job hunting

A dear friend is currently on her job hunting state. In fact, she already received a few number of invites for interviews which makes her feel so ecstatic and excited at the same time (or does that two term implies the same thing?! hmmm). Anyways, she doesn't have any target work genre, she is indeed open to in fact, anything, well, as long that it has something to do with her course or eventually will let her practice what she is considered pro at. So what are the jobs she is about to get interviewed at? BPO practitioner, human resource department staff and even part of the health team and snag one of those Prosthetist Jobs of a certain foreign company, the others I'm not even sure of. But whatever she gets or wherever she lands, we all hope the best of everything for her! :D