Wednesday, June 30, 2010

road driving to inauguration

Check SpellingAfter weeks of not driving, found myself behind the wheel earlier today to accompany my sister to the salon. And as expected, there are only few cars/motorists on the road as people are glued in to their television sets to watch the inauguration of the newly elected President of the country. But a friend bluntly tells his online friends through his status that he is not interested with the 'show' but rather found himself more interested with a d0cumentary that features about Texas Truck accident lawyer! Oh well, at least he gets to learn so many things about road accidents which in the future he can tell me more about since I do drive and whether I like it our not is prone to road misfortune!

Friday, June 18, 2010

excited for the trip

Still wide awake and blogging, well aside from packing our stuffs for our upcoming family trip on Monday. Actually I'm still clueless on what to bring since it's our first out of the country trip. A friend suggested that we should bring some typical medicines in case something happened, like we got affected or something with the change of weather or something. She also told us to doze on whatever vitamin we got so to boost our immune system and be as healthy as possible and no mishaps on whatsoever during our trip! Oh well, I'm blabbing here, just excited! :D

Friday, June 4, 2010


A close friend of mine called earlier and told me a good news..she's pregnant! after waiting for more than three years, they finally made it! And with that, she immediately told me and also asked me about prenatal vitamins that she can take in. But of course, I can't just prescribed her anything even if those vitamins worked for me. Told her that she better asked her OB what's best for her just to make sure and all.

flood in 10minutes.

Rainy days is already here! And thus the flood too, everywhere. In fact, like two days ago, the husband and I decided to visit my cousins in the city, unfortunately it rained the whole travel time so we were most of the time slow moving, traffic was terrible! And the reason? because it flood already! Oh yes, with just what, a straight 10 minutes of rain and it already flooded the area. How we felt sorry for the commuters who got no choice but to dip themselves on the dirty flood while waiting for their transportation. How lucky for those who have cars and are already on the road, for we are spared from walking and standing in that germs and dirt full water, I hope those people didn't get eczema or other skin diseases that are very common to that. And I do also hope that the local government will take action on that flood thing and do something about it, so it won't happen again.
konting ulan... baha! tsk tsk

Thursday, June 3, 2010

seeing the world.

My cousin who recently boarded a cruise ship to work as a cabin crew emailed me and told me so many wonderful things that she has experienced in a week's time. Turns out, they were able to tour down the Florida area and was able to visit their crew head's house in the orlando timeshare
Oh well, I'm really happy for my cousin, but deep inside I can't help but feel jealous because I also dream of seeing all those wonderful sites that she has already visited! But still, I'm really happy for her :D
community or resort! She was so ecstatic she had to take a lot of photos there, never in her wildest thought that she'll be able to tour around the world and now, look at what has luck got her!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

surprised with my boots.

Yesterday when the husband and rummaging his stuffs, he suddenly saw my boots! and I can't understand his reaction when he first saw it. After a few seconds of being stunned, he looked at me with questioning stare of some sort as if asking me bluntly of what in the world a pair of knee high boots is doing on our storage cabinet. Can't help but only smile and let that act do the talking. Thank heavens he was probably just too tired to make kulit and ask me why I have a boots, in a country which is 99% tropical and super duper humid and scorching hot! oh well, men will always be men... they'll never understand our taste for fashion! :D

joint pain.

When I came in a while ago, mom handed me a note, actually it's a website address that basically offers affordable supplements and medicines. You see, it has been ages when we started scouting for online site that sells such, since my mom is in need of great reviewed medicines for her joint pains and all. is indeed very helpful, for it gives fair enough reviews about different types of supplements that are being offered in the market today, you can actually based your decision from the said site for they are really well proven and trusted. So what will do? order the most prescribed and suggested medicine/supplement for her joint and muscle pain!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Now here's my dilemma, a huge zit is on my right cheek now, feeling so at ease. It has been here for days now and I can't imagine myself with this annoying thing for another day. So what to do?! do you know anything that might help get rid of this, fast?! if so, please flood me with your suggestions and answers. But for now, I'd probably click on the learn more> button on, a site that said to be focused on problems like acne, zits and pimples! then it's definitely what I need right?! oh well, got to try this one first, since I'm still waiting for replies from you, my readers :D