Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Why there are so many sickies nowadays?! probably the effect of the scorching heat! Summer, please end! We need our lives back.. you can't just take it all away with you and let us feel so drenched with our own perspiration and headache given by your sun's UV heat!
But then again, what's good about this is we are forced to stay indoors and do mind feeding if not watching televisions or talking nonstop. And then I learned about this energy auditor and the likes that can actually contribute good things on one's life! You see, there are so many stuff that are still waiting to unveil that we people must understand and use for the goodness of everyone!

Monday, April 26, 2010

fine lines

I notice how my face get fine lines as the days go by... probably it's just me, aging. That is why a friend of my suggested that we research for the best wrinkle cream and try it for ourselves! You see, we need to take extra care of our body now that we are almost to hit the big 3-0! Anyways, we'll see if the ones we got online does their thing real good in keeping skin subtle and wrinkle free, fine lines gone too! or better yet, I must try catching some zzz's eh? :D


I'm supposed to had my facial schedule last weekend, unfortunately my surprise came and everything had gone gaga, my schedules I mean. Now I need to re-schedule my appointment and had my dermatologist assigned me another date of visit so she can had my Acneticin shot or something, for my few zits on my forehead! which is indeed very much making me feel so uneasy! :D Oh well, hormones can get so messed up right!?

Friday, April 16, 2010


Summer time and it's bikini time for most ladies.. unfortunately, for those who are still not so confident enough to flaunt their bodies on those skimpy bikini settles for less enticing outfit for the beach. So maybe, it's also the time for a quick weight loss plan and who knows, after a week or two things will be totally different, size wise! :D
Oh man, thank heavens we still haven't got any plans to hit the beach or something, yet.


Staring blankly at this slimming pill and thinking if I shall start on this or not. Though I heard that this brand is really effective, it still bugs me to try one. I don't know maybe it's just not me who pop pills or something to lose weight, but unfortunately, I'm on my biggest now and I need huge help! And this pill is said to be my savior! But I still need time, probably a good night sleep in order for me to assess myself if I'd take this or not. Oh well. Life.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new netbook!

Something's not right with my laptop lately... keeps on crashing and it's bugging me! Probably I need to check out new affordable netbooks and see if I can fork out enough money to get one. Something that I'd be able to bring with me when I go out, especially now that I'm a doting preschooler mother, need something to do while waiting for my dearest daughter in school! :D
hmmm, I wonder if my reasons justify?! :D