Thursday, July 28, 2011

princess themed invites


My daughter is being fickle minded when it comes to her birthday party theme. As if we’re having a grand one for her 5th birthday, but rather a simple one to be held at her kinder class. Though of course, I wish to grant her request of theme and as of this writing, she wants a princess-packed celebration! Good thing, there are so many great items available for sale that has princess prints or inspired that are pretty cheap too. And yes, invitation inspirations are vastly available all over the web like this photo invite sample, dainty isn’t? The site actually has so many invitation samples to choose from birth announcements to adult party invitations!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

camera and photography

I am very fond of taking pictures and step by step, I want to be a great professional photographer and I am hoping that I will cover different bigger events in the future. I am saving a lot to have different olympus cameras someday. Ahh, cameras! I really love cameras and I wish that someday I can be a real professional photographer who can take a shot to famous people like the country’s leaders and the famous leaders of photography groups as well.

top requirement

to buy life insurance is always a priority for the bread winner of the family. Most of us avail insurances to lift up the “feeling of worry” inside our system. We do not want our family suffer once we are gone. Life insurance is very important especially for people whose work is on the road, sea or air where accidents are happening every day. Each one of us does not know when the end of our lives is so being secured is always necessary.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

personalized birthday invites

One of the many things that can make or break a birthday celebration is the honest to goodness personalized birthday invitations that are the first thing to impress invited guests, for it gives a glimpse of what the party would be like, theme-wise. And yes, now that there are many party suppliers available, it is still better to scout for the most affordable yet nicely done invites to boot!

Anyways, here are some birthday invitations we were able to snapped during our last two shoots…

DSC_0260 DSC_0004