Wednesday, March 30, 2011

skin caring

Due to climate change, the sun really harms our skin and these harmful rays of the sun usually affect our skin. Due to this circumstance, manufacturers see that anti agin skin care is really needed by most of us especially adults. Women like us are most often than not feel conscious on our skin so we always see to it that we have a glowing and radiant skin. Seeing eyes that are admiring our complexion is an achievement for us, right?

ready and prepared

Natural disasters like earthquakes are experienced by different countries today. During this scenario, black outs are experienced by the affected areas. Thus, during these times we should be ready and we should have the different materials that we need during the emergency. Therefore, cordless drill batteries are good investments today. Nobody knows when will be arrival of earthquake, right? But we should always pray hard and hope for the best. Just have faith and trust in the Lord.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jackass night

jackass 3d night!

Now that school is almost over and students are just waiting for their classes to officially close, telly time has extend too, even on weekdays! That is why my cousins can now watch their favorite downloaded movies even on a school night. And just last night, after watching about an informative show about rv repair and the likes, my cousin played this most awaited Jackass 3d! Even the husband and dear daughter were glued the entire time! Heard it was funny and the antics are still as expected cool and jackass-made! :D

Saturday, March 12, 2011

bed talks.

To be honest, I really don’t know what makes a real good bed. Probably because I wasn’t thought by my parents or maybe because they too aren’t that particular when it comes to mattresses and bed frames. Actually, I grew up knowing that a good bed is just something that doesn’t give you back or neck pains after a night of sleep. Meaning, as  long as the bed I slept in doesn’t made me complain for being to hard or soft then surely it’s a good bed! Until I heard some friends talks about brands and preferences about their sleeping nest that I realized that indeed, there are specifications or whatever for a bed to be a good one! But then again, I’m not that too particular with that so I guess I can still be that way as long as I get good snooze on our bed.

Anyways, speaking of beds… here’s some photos of our room beds…  now these beds are my kind of bed for I definitely had restful nights during our stay! :D

 DSC_0095 DSC_0098

bridesmaid dress for moi

One of my friend is about to tie the knot and I was one of the lucky to be chosen as one of their bridesmaid! But the thing is, we are the ones who are asked to find a design that we want for ourselves and here is what I find really nice and elegant from the site of that features wide selection of designer bridesmaid dresses! Now the thing is, I’m not sure if this design will look great on me or it’ll just me look fat!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

tropical punch line by coach

Alright, Coach is one of the finest line of bag nowadays, actually even before. One of the most coveted brand of purse lover all over the world. You see, owning one of those fab great piece is just like having guaranteed life insurance for it really assure the owner of the finest and well made bag he or she is holding. That is why, ever since I started to buy and collect designer bags, this brand is one of my top like! Actually, I'm once again eying another design which was featured over at their Facebook page! Tropical Punch line that really is made perfectly for the summer!