Wednesday, October 27, 2010

top cream

I am now officially stressed and loaded with so much tasks! Can’t believe that we are super loaded with so much stuff to do and still, haven’t even finish all the pending works. Aside from that, my sister and I are currently looking for top wrinkle creams that we can buy and give out to our aunts and elder sisters this coming Christmas. Do you have any idea on where to buy and what brand?

best site

when I was still on my puberty stage, there was a time when I experience having zits and pimples on my face, not really great in numbers but more like five to ten at a time! But that makes me one of the few who has sort of a clean face that time because most of my classmates are tremendously overloaded with zits or others already calls it acne! And that actually makes the one and only derma clinic in our town so greatly in demand! Since there is still now internet back then, we people of the province only rely on our dermatologist for their super expensive prescription of care line for our zits-full- face! If only we have internet before, and we already know about this then probably we wouldn’t have a problem at all!

women on losing weight

Women who are getting old usually experience slower metabolism, actually it’s not only happening to women but it is happening to all of us. Due to this weight gain, we became conscious with our body. fat burner for women is what we look for, every time. We are always waiting for the day to attain the body we once had. Some women due to self-discipline and determination attain the body they always want to have.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

happy not irate mom

Being a mother of a three year old kid is not as easy as 1-2-3. Patience and deep understanding is a must, for if those two aren’t present, for sure I’d be needing a huge dose of best wrinkle cream from all the bad mood and irate moments with my brat! But then again, motherhood is a gift, and I always make sure to keep in my mind that my daughter is still a child and she needs guidance and understanding for her to understand everything. So there, I am a one proud mama! :D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 is Holding another Blog Contest!!

Round 2 for… and here’s what she’s about to give out


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