Thursday, October 20, 2011

headphones for cousin

My little cousin went over our house last weekend and his birthday is really forthcoming. He asked me to buy him ipod nano headphones. And since he is my favorite little-big cousin, I might give him what he wants. It is really indeed a high technology modern days. Even the young enjoys the innovation brought by our technology. I can't help to remember the days when my playmates and I usually play chinese garter and peek-a-boo games, simple but enjoyable.

keeping up with tech

Through the years, computers and other advanced technology gadgets are like mushrooms that had been popping all over the world. Every change has advantages and disadvantages. Well, the main advantage of this change is that life becomes easy. For example, in offices, before we are using typewriters. Now, we have computers, iPads, etc. We even have this so-called document imaging. Communication has improved so much too, from home telephones to cell phones that we can bring anywhere.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

halloween costume

Now that Halloween is just a few days away, more and more people are checking out stores that offers great costumes to boot for trick or treating. Anyways, since there are limited choices here, some are making ways in order to look creative and to be frugal as well. To give you an example, one friend is now thinking of wearing one of those metrouniforms hospital scrubs and act as if one of the hospital serial killer! Pretty cool and original isn’t?