Monday, June 30, 2008

Nosey Q's

1. What are your plans for today?
~ this is for tomorrow... pay for my domain and hosting services, email Joy for some details.. she's helping me with the other site :) , grocery shopping with my two, go to bank, cook for dinner

2. Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?
~ My cousin Paul

3. What was the last tv program you watched?
~ a new japanese telenovela on prime time, about a girl who had undergone plastic surgery, who suddenly becomes so famous and rich! It's like getting a fancy and expensive Rolex Datejust as easy as 1-2-3!

4. What was the last thing you ate?
~ bread with peanut butter

5. What time did you get out of bed today?
~ 9:00 am! such a sleepy head, eh?

today special

This is a questionnaire that I snagged from a blogger friend...

1. Who is the last person you talked to?
-- my cousin Paul, regarding our grandfather's death anniversary plans tomorrow.

2. What is your weather like right now?
-- super sunny!

3. Where will you be this weekend?
-- we maybe on scout this coming weekend for some affordable office furniture that my SIL needs for her new office nook.

4. What's for dinner tonight?
-- buttered/garlic chicken wings :) yummy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


126. Would you ever leave little notes to your gf/bf?
yep! I did

127. Ever been to a farm?
Yes. somewhere in Alfonso, Cavite

128. Tell me about your dream last night.
Oh my, I forgot what it is all about!

129. Ever seen a shooting star?
Yes. a lot of times actually.

130. Say one thing about yourself you’ve never told anyone.
That I am really understand what is our life's situation right now...

131. Do your days fly by or seem to last forever?
It depends, if I have a lot of things to do it seems fast. But there are moments I wish to drag the hands of time

132. Have you ever stayed in a fancy, high class, rich hotel?
Yes, I had

134. What, in your opinion, is the best advertising slogan out there?
"Wag kang Durara!" lol

135. When they start sending rockets to the moon for us civilians will you be on the list to go?
Hmm, why not? if given a chance and if it is for free! shoot! I only hope nothing bad happens with the rocket, but definitely we will be given those medical id for identification purposes if something unexpected happens....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

wordless wednesday

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wedding with zits

I was just checking out some of my friends latest friendster updates when I saw this...yes it was me on the top left :) taken at our friend's wedding last April, a few days after I had a hair cut... good thing the camera was not very well focus on our face or else you would see my zits and whatnots! it was really awkward specially to host an even knowing that there are pimples around your face! Just imagine how I feel so un-pretty during that said event... but nevertheless at least it wasn't too obvious, right? Guess what, it took me some time to search for best acne treatment online, I even called my dad to find one for me in the States. Good thing it just disappeared after almost two weeks! thank heavens!

Friday, June 13, 2008

tag thing from Joy

1) person you saw: Amiel and Olin
2) talked to on the phone: My dad, yesterday
3) person you hugged: Amiel and Olin
4) person you texted: Our Neighbor who sells out prepaid load!

1) date: June 13
2) plans: Go to the market tomorrow to stock up on for our week long foods and all, searched the net for some best buy items for the home. I just hope there are sites like where I can just order everything online and wait for it to be delivered.
3) dislikes about tomorrow: Laundry day for me? lol

1) missing someone: my dad
2) mood: tired, sleepy and hungry!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

for the tot

I was checking out some baby furniture stores online to search for an idea on what to get our toddler for her up coming birthday, well not that the second natal day is near, it's in another six months time as a matter of fact. Anyways, its just that we realizes that this is the time of her growing up moments that she knows how to appreciate things, like for example, she sees a colorful chair in the mall, she would jump for joy and giddily approaches the thing as soon as she can! and the smile you got from her happiness is priceless! thats why we would want to give her and provide things she would definitely love. From the sites I searched at, I saw these lovely rocking chair and toddler bed that I'm hoping to get for Olin. If only this things can be shipped at a minimum cost, why not?!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

me on nosey questions

Week of June 8: More nosey questions

1. What is your favorite day of the week? -- Fridays and Saturdays -- family days :)
2. How do you usually wear your hair? -- short after decades of having a long hair
3. What is your favorite item of clothing? -- tanks, shorts, pants
4. Where would your dream vacation be? -- Europe tour!
5. Who is your favorite author? book? -- Jessica Zafra - Twisted
6. How often do you log on? 24/7 ! well, almost
7. What is one of your favorite internet sites to visit? -- my blogs, my friends blogs too, informative sites like i4
8. Coke or Pepsi? - coke
9. Do you prefer healthy snacks or junk food? --50/50
10. Are you a morning person or a night owl? -- morning mommy! i need to, you know!

for the dining

Mom has been bugging me for weeks now to accompany her to one of those lighting shops in the metro. You see, she has been eying this elegant but classy lighting fixture that is on sale in one of the shops there, she wanted it badly for the dining area since the one that we have needs to be replaced already, not that its broken or anything but it is so outdated already, and it doesn't matches with the fixtures that we have in that part of the house. Since I cannot accompany her yet, since my daughter needs to be taken care of as of the moment due to her allergy and colds, I told my mom to browse some sites that features elegant and modern lighting stuff like the ones of maxim lighting, maybe she can get more idea on what to get or she might changed her mind in an instant with the hundreds of designs to choose from!

wordless wednesday


Been thinking about buying those infamous cheap diet pills in the market today. You know, to fast forward my desire to get my shape back after my pregnancy. Imagine, it has been sixteen months to be exact after my giving birth, but my body is still a total mess! bulges are still everywhere, never mind the photos, cellulites and bulges are just not visible in the pictures I tell you, thus making me look so thin in prints! which is by the way what I love with posing! In order to look thin a bit, you just have to pose and look for the right angle, and voila! you are thin! :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

need memory

I've been thinking of upgrading my laptop's memory, I can't have it flood with so many files of documents and photos you know. But then again, just with the thought of buying icks me! I know it would cost a lot, and would snag a hefty amount from my pocket. And the husband wouldn't be so happy if he learns about that! with all the stuff we need to buy for the house and bills to pay, getting one expensive gadget would mean WAR! lol. But hey, I am not losing hope here, I heard that there are affordable memory in the market today, the only thing I need to do is find where it is and I will be all set.


A friend just recently told me that I'm fat compare the last time we saw each other, I was like so shock and stunned! I mean, just when I started doing crunches and all now she's saying that I'm fat?! that can't be! who the hell she think she is anyways?! she's way fatter than me! hello?! why can't she look at herself first in the mirror before saying things like that to my face?! I was so furious I tell you. But maybe I am really fat now, I need help! Oh my goodness! Got to grab some hoodia pills later!