Wednesday, September 21, 2011

iPad replaced!

woot! you just got that right, our broken iPad were replaced just last weekend and indeed we are, specially my daughter is giddy happy once she learned that we are picking up our brand new iPad at the mall! And to celebrate, the husband buy in ear headphones to match  our new baby :) Here’s a photo of us a few moments after we left the store… can you see how my daughter hold on to the paper bag handles? yes, she is indeed very excited to play and watch movies again the moment we got home. Unfortunately, we still need to load up movies and download applications… a back to start routine which made my daughter fussy and ubberly more excited.

eto naaaaaa

Buckle Up

And wear gmax helmets! but unfortunately, there are still people who aren’t following traffic rules and regulations and safety precaution measures. If fact, we are guilty! Found this photo of my husband and I riding a Fino motorbike sometime last year, and yes, we are not wearing any protective gear! Actually this made me sad and disappointed with our act because what if something bad happened to us and our head bumped or something, we could have died and be added to the long list of motor vehicle related accident in the country!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

love for gold

One of the many things I love is buying and collecting gold jewelries, the higher the carat, the better. I actually got that from my mom who made me believed that investing on real gold jewelries is far better than saving up on banks. Something that I, believed and embraced, obviously. That is why whenever I’m able to save from my online work and side gigs, I make sure to buy a jewelry from my favorite jeweler. Hopefully, on my next purchase I’d be able to buy this knot promise ring that I saw online and another thing, I also learned that there is this promise ring etiquette that has been up for centuries already! didn't know that! and knowing now is one of the coolest thing :)


Friday, September 2, 2011


Not that I’m planning to buy another purse again, not in a few months again, I guess. But this nice buttery leather bag that practically looks like the real alexa bag is very tempting! Especially when I learned that the price is quite reasonable and it may be a perfect gift-to-self for Christmas! Hmmm, we’ll see if our budget will permit another unplanned purchase… if only I have other work so I can have money to buy more great stuff! maybe I better check out job offerings such as Psychiatric Aide Jobs that is being offered.