Friday, December 6, 2013

christmas vacay

More and more parents are bringing their kids to music class especially during vacation. In fact, there are more kids enrolled in piano and guitar lessons compare to swimming clinics. Probably it’s because a lot are encouraging parents to let their kids be involve with music at it brings out the best in their children. And given that volume, for sure there are so many kids already familiar with tc helicon x1 at musicians friend and the likes!

music lessons

My daughter's old school is currently offering summer classes for kids ages 4 to 12, non-academic lessons actually, like guitar, piano and violin too! Pretty cool as a matter of fact because kids may be able to know what they want to excel in. I even heard that aside from beginner class, they'll also be offering intermediate guitar lessons where kids can learn more about&nbspgreta amp at guitar center and stuff!

popstar party

all set for #yzsha7th #ksnaps #ksnapsproductions #7thbirthday #birthday #popstarprincess
We had an awesome popstar party last weekend! Thankful that our client loves our design and total presentation..