Sunday, February 19, 2012

folks day

Now that the holidays is over, we may now start planning things for the upcoming Mom's and fathers day 2012! Yay, I know it's a bit early for planning, but you see, sometimes it's really hard to think of perfect gifts to give our folks right? and of course, we all want to give them the best of everything and making them feel so loved and special on those special days makes it more exciting and fun! So there, might check out sites and shops where to get great finds for this year's mother and father's day.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Clinic Bound

Actually, clinic/grooming bound we are today for the schedule of our dearest new dog. For sure we will be seeing lots of those medical computer carts and stuff which is the first time for our daughter. Since Princess is her first dog, we want to make sure to give her the best and pamper her as much as possible. As long as it won’t be a burden on us financially.

new toy dog

This is just a quick post, before we head out and check out amt pumps that my father urgently needs for our water pump replacement. We might also check out some new stuff for our new toy dog, Princess. Yes, we just got a new pet! Additional member of the family that for sure will be as spoiled as our own daughter! Actually, we already got her a sleeping pillow, pet porter and lots of treats – and that is only our first shopping spree for her! 1