Tuesday, July 27, 2010

loving bookstore

One of my favorite to do whenever I go to the mall is drop by the bookstore and spend a few minutes there, browsing the latest book releases - if I don't have any thoughts of buying. So the last time I was there, found a stash Filipino written books and this is what actually caught my attention. A book written by a well known Filipino movie/screen play writer, Ricky Lee that talks about love and loss.
Didn't bought the book, I'm on a budget these past few days... maybe when I'm financially able to splurge again, definitely will buy books again!

maganda daw ito.. kaso nalimutan ko how much haha

Monday, July 26, 2010

Disney Hollywood Hotel Room

Forgive me for not updating my "supposedly" photo blog as often as possible, well as most of you know, my hands are so full with so many stuff online and offline. And with a pre-schooler to attend to everyday - life has been uberly busy!
Anyways, as I was organizing my photos during our Hong Kong trip, I realized that it has been a month already and still, haven't blog about it! I should have reminisce our first out of the country trip so my readers will be able to know the stories behind all that so many photos!
So to start of, let me share with you some shots of our Disney Hollywood Hotel room, which we (specially my daughter) really adored! Everything was just right and in all fairness, it met my expectations well! though there is no outdoor fireplace or something, because we didn't need any heating equipment during the time we were there (it was summer, fyi). So there, will post more pictures and hopefully will be able to finish our
trip story within this week!

At the Hotel's main entrance, taken after our Bfast with the character stint...

5th floor. garden view


here's a shot of our beds and the cutest focal point of the room, Mickey and Minnie mouse wall decor-something... :D


toilet and bath area

cutie towel art. dear daughter loved it to bits she even brought it home :D


shower curtain



Dad, Mom and Baby robes ;)


compliments :D

updated: maybe you'd like to check out our Day 1 - HK food experience post and our Breakfast with the Characters at Enchanted Garden, Disney Hotel.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

binge mode

been eating a whole lot of carbohydrates filled foods and sugar loaded desserts this past few days. It has been my thing to go out and eat more than what I'm supposed to when I am worried, troubled and stressed out. Even my doctor told me to stop binging on foods during my stress filled days because in the end, things will be alright but my weight and health will not. You see, when we over eat foods that are not that really healthy, outcome will lead us to sickness and obesity. Of course, taking quick weight loss will help big time but the emotional baggage of being over weight and problems loaded will not easily washed away. That is why, I guess it's time for me to think things slowly and decide what best for me without giving a binge on food

Monday, July 12, 2010

busy meeee

Been so busy this past few weeks, blame it on my other blogs that I have to update. Thus making me so ngarag and stressful. My mom even asked me if I have a problem or something because there are some zits visible on my forehead! argh, yeah I'm earning some few dollars here but men, the effects are so visible! I had to look for effective and safe best acne treatments as soon as possible! do you have any suggestions? c'mon tell me your secret... holler up alright?! I will be waiting...

Friday, July 9, 2010

hair loss problem

a friend sent me a message asking me about natural cures for hair loss. You see, he has been experiencing major hair loss ever since he stepped foot on that country, most probably it's from the unruly climate or weather (or whatever you call it) that it has, causing scalp irritation thus explains loss of his hair. Actually, even my husband told me about that too after a few weeks of staying there, but he managed to get over it by giving extra care to his hair - by not using hot water during his shower and bath time (that I find very impossible to believe! lol) So there, do you have any suggestion on what to use or do for him to avoid major hair loss?

blackhead ewww

I was just checking out some of my friends latest facebook updates when I saw a picture 0f me taken at our friend's wedding last April, a few days after I had a hair cut... good thing the camera was not very well focus on our face or else you would see my zits and what nots! it was really awkward specially to host an even knowing that there are pimples around your face! Just imagine how I feel so un-pretty during that said event... but nevertheless at least it wasn't too obvious, right? Guess what, it took me some time to search for blackhead removal online, I even called my dad to find one for me in the States. Good thing it just disappeared after almost two weeks! thank heavens!