Tuesday, May 7, 2013

cars everywhere

The husband has been raving about the wonderful race cars that he has been seeing almost everyday driving around where is now. He even had his photo taken beside all the great luxury cars on show rooms. And yes, even four post lift and other parts are just about everywhere! So I believe that having one is one common thing for the people who lives there. Very rich country I suppose! Oh well, who knows, maybe someday we'll also get to drive around town with that :D

me time

dahil traffic, lafang muna! #bign'tasty

is meal time at my favorite fastfood restaurant :) yum!


summer na kulimlim! weeee!

my dad once told us that part of their cruise line package is a stay at one of those finest home rentals in the outer banks, that their guests super love, that in so many times they would get a reservation for another trip in order to experience the wonderful stay at those fabulous homes fronting the beach or having a private pool (equipped with smartpool robotic pool cleaner) for your swimming escapades and sun bathing. With all the numerous activities the place can offer, the tourist can never get bored or anything for there a lot of activities awaiting those who love adventure and different trips. But for those who wanted to experience a great relaxation time, outer banks rentals truly gives the best relaxation experience ever, with the heated pools and jacuzi's and the out pouring of service, you'll definitely have the best vacation ever!

loving the splash

lovin the splash.

Thank heavens for a day of water fun with family and friends! And yes, we were also given a great weather to celebrate life and summer this year! :)