Sunday, September 20, 2009

tummy ache

Dear daughter has been bugging me about her tummy ache, which makes me and my mom too worried. You see, she got sick earlier this year due to amoeba, gotten her frequent throw ups, high fever and lose bowel movement. Freaking dangerous if not treated as the doctor told us for it can lead to dehydration and death. Good thing we were fast enough to bring her to the hospital and had her checked. So to prevent virus and bacteria to our water that we take, we bought ukf7003axx water filter aside from buying purified drinking water. Just to be safe you know. So about her tummy ache now? been monitoring her and already informed her doctor and we'll see. Hope it's just a phase and is not a real problem.

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Oh men, just when we thought my parent's business is going on so smoothly, another issue arises. It's just that this one occupant who seems to be doing weir stuff around the apartment unit that they are staying. Well nothing serious actually, it's just that they usually goes out at the wee hours of the night and never comes home during the broad daylight. Maybe they are working as call center agents or something which require night shifts but I dunno, they just intrigues me. I should have gotten from them clearance of some sort or international background check whatever when they first move in. Oh well, maybe it's just me and my paranoia thinking aloud. Don't mind me. And oh, gotta go and take a peek while this renter leaves their house! haha.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

online work and software talks

I was up early this morning, in fact, too early because I had to finish some tasks that are due today. Good thing, few of my friends are still up so I wasn't alone, we buzz and message each other from time to time, having a few chit chats during our breaks and go back to blogging after a few good laughs. Anyways, we were most of the time talks about our work and earlier, we discussed about software development that we might consider of studying since it is well, very much in demand for online work opportunities, I honestly doesn't have a slightest idea on how it works, but as I said, we might try on studying about it. Let's see...

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happy fiesta loot! -- after mass

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