Saturday, July 14, 2012

happy life


Life nowadays can be so stressful. But actually, it’s a matter of choice. We people can choose to be so stressed out most of the time by wanting so many things (sometimes impossible) or be happy and contented with what we have now. Life is simple, it’s just a matter of choice.

patio bonding

there are many websites that sells out and features beautiful garden displays and furniture's, offering different kinds of materials used in their products, there are metal types, plastics, and brass. but there are that they feature as one of the best selling garden furniture and patio furniture for those who would love to have a lovely garden and outdoor set up by putting one wicker furniture with lovely cedar pergola and even umbrellas. Perfect for morning breakfast and afternoon tea bonding!not only the home makers are lead to this website but also those who manage the parks and other places that have garden spaces available. you see, it is learned and proven that teak furniture's are way lot stronger than any other type of materials, thus making it a practical thing to buy, not only that, it is reasonably priced making it a must in getting a garden set.

new loots!

The courier just arrived! happiness it is! :) what am I yanking about? well, my online order from a blogger friend just arrived earlier that consists of four sets of clothes for the brat, bedtime stories books with tape collection, doll for my nephew and men's rfid blocking wallets for the husband and father. I was so giddy happy when the box was being opened, as if there is something for me! but it doesn't always have to with me right? when I saw my daughter's wide eyes upon seeing her new sets of books, it was one of those happiest moments as a mother.

bride and bouquet

glen and sharon

There is always something special with bride and her bouquet during weddings. I really can’t tell what but the attachment is just there and the only thing you can do as a photographer is to create nice shots of the two together. Anyways, sharing with you our latest bride+bouquet shot by :)