Friday, March 28, 2008

not now

I am having a super bad day today, well make that three or four days already, having a big problem with moolah and all... so bloghopping and blog posting is not a common scenario for me, I'm taking my break, until I my problems are bit solve. So what I'm up to lately you ask? well, browsing some sites to detour my mind like clicking on men's fashion sites and those cute kiddie outfits pages. At least for some time my mind can wander off away from what I am facing... sometimes life can be so stiff on you, and it breaks me, big time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

tagged by Jing

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tagging everyone who visits! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

where to?

I've been discussing with a friend about her intention on planning a lot or a house and lot for her mother, since she has already a quite sum of money that can be use for the down payment, but because she is already set to leave this coming month end, the purchase wouldn't push through. But that's alright, with enough time she can still save up more for the big buy plans and she can even think of what she really wants to acquire or something. With times like this, it is so easy to search for place and space given the fact that internet does the connection of the the buyer and the seller, while browsing some sites i was able to see an available office space Connecticut that I can reserve if I want too! so basically it's like one of the simplest thing to do now.

on cars and accessories

this the newest addition to my husband's car for sale unit. although i wish this one would get to stay with us forever, but you see, we just can't. if that happens, the business will be shut down. buy and sell is our bread and butter so as you know, that is why the faster the in and out of the units, the better. that is why we make sure to take good care of every unit car that we have, checking of engines every so often, cleaning the ins and outs, waxing and even buying car covers that fits the unit. in a few more days, this precious will soon be taken away from us by interested buyers just like the others who had come and gone...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

the sil

the above photo is my sister in law an up rising fashion designer of Cavite and her latest bride, imagine she was able to dress up the candidates for Miss International and some other beauty contests held in the metro. she masters her craft in wedding gowns and debut dresses, she also does suits and kiddie gowns, the gowns and dresses my daughter wears on her birthday was made by her too. anyways, she was thinking of getting some study in some fashion schools in california where some of the relatives are based, we all know that there are so many credible fashion schools in los angeles and fashion school in california in general where she can enroll herself right?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

mortgage topic

i was talking about mortgages and mortgage lenders in my other site and the benefits of getting one. of course there are now websites that gives out free informations and on site knowledge regarding this topic. and for those who are thinking of getting mortgages it is you know, still advisable to read to gather information, to know the do's and dont's and the other what nots with regards mortgages.

Friday, March 14, 2008

paid stint

Micmic's 7th Birthday Party
March 8, 2008

as mentioned a few week's back, i got a coverage booking for a birthday princess party referred by my friend Glen... it was such an honor for me to do so since knowing the family with oh so many experiences with various photographers it was me whom the mommy chose to do her unica hija's party. so what i did was prepped myself up so that i can do my job with great ease and prowess :)
here are some of the photos that i took...

obviously the princess is so beautiful on and off cam! and she is one bubbly girl i tell you... not to mention uber talkative! she talks to me every so often while i snap and she doesn't stop there too, she wants me to answer everything she asks! lol... it was an uber fun time!

even her make up stylist had to run after her with her so many getaway escapes during her preps... good thing Micmic is so flawlessly beautiful already...

and see? she loves to pose! yep yep! she can imitate every single pose i told her to do so... she loves seeing flash and all... and yes at some point she even asked me why my flash is not working, oh can i explain to a 7 year old gal that i'm using a natural lighting effects?! i was dumbfounded!

imeldific! she loves shoes! and she was torn on what to wear on her pre party pictorial, one minute she likes to wear the open toe pink shoes, the other minute she loves the strapless sandals..then she opted to bare foot while prepping up! kids...

i love this gold sandals... i wonder if this has a size 9? lol...

beautiful little girl... she'll be soon breaking hearts :) better watch out boys!

her mommy was able to strictly stick with a Disney Princess theme that even her prepping out clothes were princess inspired too! imagine her party venue... uber bongga! will post pictures next time...
here is one of the uber many party pics, can you see the three dragons? love the face paint in every kid! the face painter was so fast she was able to finish almost 80 kids faces! yes... 80!

so... how do you like my photos? any feedback? :)

giddy me!

it's another thank God it's friday night! well for most, but not for me. i am stuck here in our bedroom doing some posts that i need to finish, i am not complaining, oh no i'm not! i'm actually pretty happy with this type of life, you know... lay down, easy night. but what i am waiting for is the scheduled family trip we will have this coming Holy Week, my cousin's in fact are pretty much excited than anyone else since they are already packing their things up with their Delsey luggage! exaggerated right, but they love it, so let them be! and yeah, we might also have a family outing a week after next week so king sun... here we come!

slapped hard

guess what? my main blog was again slapped so hard by the big G with 0! yes, after a more than a month of the so wanting number three, it is now in the bottom rock. it's really frustrating you know, having been earning a little extra moolah from this thing, but then again, life is not always a bed of roses, sometimes you are thrown out to the bed of bugs or thorns or whatever. although i am still thankful for my husband whose providing us with a life that i am so thankful for, being in the business of auto buy and sell plus some auto accessories we are indeed moving. but of course, i would still want to have a higher rate with the G, i'm still keeping my hopes up that in time my other blog would be rewarded.

Monday, March 10, 2008

sleepless nights

i remember when i was in my College days, i frequently have trouble getting myself to sleep. for some reasons that i can't decipher, maybe it's because of stress from my overloading tasks to finish specially during my Senior year, imagine my eye bags all packed up whenever you saw me! i was like a walking zombie most of the time during mornings having no energy to get my groove for the day ahead. it was my most terrible days i tell you. that is my mom brought me to a doctor to help me cure my insomnia, a lot of do's and don'ts were advised to me, prescription drugs were also prescribed. one of which is ambien, known for being so effective that insomniacs had felt relief after so long of waiting. there are of course ambien side effects but to tell you, nothing bad effects can cause you. good thing now, i haven't experienced those sleepless nights, though i am sometimes sleepless but because i'm currently taking care of a baby! that's why, a different story if i must say.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


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new strat

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bday party

we will later be attending a first birthday party of my ex-office mate's son at Mc Donalds! one excited mommy here i tell you, because i know my daughter would love to see the colorful props of the celebration later. you see she loves seeing those fast food commercials, what more if she sees the mascots in front of her right? that's why i charged my camera already to capture those happy moments. anyways, you want to know what we are going to give the celebrant? actually we were suppose to give the birthday boy a cover bedding but my husband insist on giving the fella a stuffed toy bag which is so cute. so that's what we got for the birthday boy. will post pictures later~

Saturday, March 1, 2008

gown style

a friend whose about to get married early next year has been asking me for suggestion on what gown design would look good on her, being blessed with such a lovely body i guess any design would fit her right. but she was not convinced, she wants explanation on every design we can think of. example of this is the corset style top, having a classic look it will definitely make a compliment on her curvaceous body! imagine the strings that has to be pulled to show of the waist and bust area. lovely!