Tuesday, September 25, 2007

dark and creepy

to sight an example to what time of the day i hate is this... the darkness is almost eating up the sun. it brings this certain weird feeling on me that i cannot define.
this photo was taken while i was stuck in traffic in Epza-Bacao Road after work... please bear with the almost dark shot, i only took this using my Nokia 6680 phone.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

choco addict

i heart chocolates! i'll die if i would'nt be able to get a sugar fix in a day. i need it to have my mind working. maybe the sweet tooth comes from my mom, i remember she equally divides every single chocolates we have in the house to three... for me, my sis and hers.
this yummy chocolates are from the Japanese visitor of our Company, equally shared to all employees as usual, so i just had one! :) not bad after all... and he also gave a set of golf balls to the other Japanese bosses.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

almost sunset

i love sunsets, but i don't like when the sun is almost gone from the horizon, it freaks me. weird feeling, i know. this photo was taken using my goody old canon A5 series at Island Cove Resort, where we had an overnight stay during Mother's day. it was my first, so it was memorable. we tour the resort and took as many pictures as we can. i love taking pictures of landscapes and places, hopefully when the right time comes, i can get better photos of every subject. hopefully.