Monday, December 14, 2009

holiday away

Some of my friends will be going out of the country and or will be traveling to some beautiful spots of the country (just like <a href="">samana) before New Year. Why on one of the most busiest and merry times of the year you ask?! well because they can't be exposed (especially the kids) to fireworks smoke and dust during these times, that's why. So there, it is also now I realized why during this times hotels and resorts are just practically fully booked, mostly for health reasons and probably extensions of their holiday vacation.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

go green

Holiday rush has started making people so busy with buying stuffs for Christmas. In fact, my mom and I were out yesterday and practically shopped for some more gifts we are be giving away. And while we were scouring the mall, we notice this green shopping that basically focuses on products that are earth and nature friendly. Though it is really not yet well embraced by me, there are a few good heads around the booth and buying! Wasn't able to check it out though, for we are running out time but will try to get a better look next time