Wednesday, September 29, 2010

money roll


friends :D

Found this really cute mugs that really tells about good friendship. Having someone to talk to about life in general without any bards hold or anything. Someone you can share secrets with even about your hunt for the a most effective wrinkle treatment without being ashamed or anything to ask and basically have someone to look for that also! Actually, it’s not being lucky to have a friend for keeps.. it’s more on how you treat others/your friends, if you treat ‘em right, then for sure you’ll receive the same treatment:D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

scalp help

I was about to put myself to sleep when my cousin buzzed and asked for some help. Turns out, he needs information on how to treat scalp eczema though he's still not sure if it is indeed eczema or just plain allergy on his head. That's why I told him to first see a doctor, a skin specialist perhaps to have a look on his case so to be sure and he'll be given the right medication for that and it wouldn't call for allergies or complications when he does self medication. I mean, that’s the best help/advise to give in situation like that right?!

supplements and vits!

Though it has been said and implemented, my shopping ban I mean. Of course there are some things that are lifted like vitamins and supplements, that we all know are very important to us, for our body to be strong, healthy and active! That is why, as much as I can, my shopping list is always full of different types of these energy boosters! Here are some of my latest vitamins that I ordered from my friend :D

gotta be healthy ;p

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

overtime and hoping

Doing another round of overnight or overtime session because I was too lousy to finish all my tasks for the past few days. Thus explains my cramming now. Oh well, what else is new!? Actually, I'm also dealing about this hydroxycut reviews that of course I'm hoping to work for my fattening body! hopefully, this thing works! But if not?! then I’d be checking out again another stuff with the hope that it will work for me :D


My body clock is just whacked up. Blame it on my hormonal imbalance, thus explains my frequent napping throughout the day! Imagine sleeping for more than eight hours and still catching up some dose of naps during the afternoon! And now?! I’m still sleepy as ever! So do I still need sleeping pills?! nah. I don't think so! And I think coffee and apples should be my frequent companion to keep me awake! :D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

she’s thin!

Mom told me about her friend whom she haven’t seen for a long time and when she does, was so surprised to see her so slim and thin! The last time she saw her is she’s almost as big as my mom but now?! lo and behold, she looks like a teenager again! but of course, mom interrogated her and asked her what she did in order to came up with a body like that. Thank heavens she told my mom her secret of what diet pills she's popping! And yes, mom will try it out soon too! :D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

long skirts for me :D

I’m thinking of buying a few new set of wardrobe for myself before Christmas, something that I can wear during the midnight masses and other holiday occasions that calls for smart-casual to semi-formal attire. That’s why I’m looking at these lovely long skirts that can be worn on casual to somewhat formal events. Be paired with a nice pair of pumps, boots or even strappy sandals and I’m for sure good to go! :D

Ikat TravAllure™ skirt - [K04610]

Embellished flare skirt - [K04157]

Print TravAllure™ skirt - [K04639]

coffee table for me

I love coffee and the thought of having to choose and buy for my own contemporary coffee tables excites me much! In fact, it is the husband who suggested that we should take a look and canvass for a nice coffee table where we can sit and talk during our afternoon or before bed bonding where of course, I can have my favorite cup of joe while he chit chats with me. And of course, he’s the one who’ll buy me that!

Friday, September 3, 2010

door knobs

Labor sale is just a few hours away, and that means shopping! Oh yeah! for sure a lot of my friends will be shopping for costumes and other home stuff online. Thank goodness for friends who always are open and available to do all the shopping and boxing our orders and loots. Anyways, one of the thing I look forward to this upcoming sale is a set of Baldwin door hardware that my dad asked me to buy online. You see, dad has this thing for  well crafted and high quality door knobs that in fact, even our bedroom doors at home has double/dead locks too! That ‘s how he likes the doors to be, complete with accessories and it has to be gold toned! :D So there, will be checking out door stuff in a few!