Sunday, April 22, 2012

testosterone boost

now that pig out session one after another is about to come because of the holidays it is expected that additional pounds will be appearing sooner or later. but worry no more! because in the US one of the most reliable weight loss solution is testoripped! it has been said and proven over 70 countries to be so effective and safe that is why many women rely on this diet formula. but some are afraid to take this kinds of supplements one of the many dilemma being faced by those who really wanted to diet. that is why it is still advisable to you know, check out the formula or supplements you have to take before getting into it big time. this is one of the things testoripped  to those who take this supplement, because they wanted to assure that their product is safe and really effective.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

baby blues

Was just doing some rounds in the mall yesterday and it awes me to find so many great stuff for babies at the infant section! Well, not that we are planning on having another baby soon, but seeing so many awesome finds actually made me want to have baby again! With those UppAbaby Vista stroller that looks so promising to boot to cute little booties and clothes, cutesy! Definitely, babies nowadays are lucky to have so many items to use and wear!

nearing weekend

Weekend is near once again! and it only means one thing for me and my family... bonding time! We actually have no plans for today since my mom is waiting for something and she is not just entirely up to the idea of us going out. So we just decided to bum around and just watch some documentary series about horses and fly sheets for horses that sometimes I wonder what happened to those great tv shows on Sundays, I guess people now are into new things that's why. Oh well, what else to do? that is the question that needs to be answered. Probably will just hit my new book and do some reading in the afternoon.
How about you? how's week treating you so far?

healthy oils

Been hearing so many good things about this Cleopatra's Choice Argan oil from friends and it makes me so curious that I might order for myself too once they decided to get their second batch of stash. You see, taking care of ourselves as early as now is something we need to do because of the many harsh elements surrounding us, and keeping our body healthy by using good stuff is just one of the things we can do to make ourselves look young and blooming!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Sunday

Tomorrow is the well celebrated and most anticipated time for Christians all over the world, as we celebrate the rising of Christ. For sure, churches will be flooded with people to witness and celebrate the Easter dawn mass and definitely, it’ll be standing-room-only for those who’ll come in few minutes late. Though actually, there are new chairs that will be provided from chairs4worship for those who wouldn't fit in the pews, specially for the elderly and handicapped church goers.

new sunnies

171 170

Been looking for the perfect summer sunnies to boot and found myself drooling over this CK black shades! :D

lab stuff

My niece will soon enter the University and is already starting to complete her needed laboratory items to use during the coming semester. And she wants me to help her scout for affordable and wholesale items online that she can also offer for sale to her upcoming classmates. Good thing, we were able to find sites that offers cheap-prized equipments and materials such as test sieves, testing bottles, droppers among many others!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A friend who saw me a few days ago asked me if I am taking some pills or getting jumpy in those fancy treadmill complete with universal joint or something, because as she said, I'm getting back to my pre pregnancy body. But unfortunately she's way too wrong! I mean, I haven't loose a single pound for like three months or so. And no, I am not taking diet pills either, I would really wanted too, you know, but the husband wouldn't want me to. He says that I can shed some weight in a natural way like by doing regular exercises and limit myself from chocolates and junkies .Anyways, below is my latest photo with my little brat sitting on the floor! I might look thin here, but no! my tummy bulges are just somewhere there, hiding! lol



Found this from a site that offers great selection of beds and covers… and it made me drool over this very inviting looking bed!

medical stuff

Are you looking out for sites that sells out affordable medical supplies for the elderly and other items such as catheter and the likes? Well then, worry no more! because is the answer for all your health related items that needs to be bought in stores and other specialty shops. With their vast eCatalog, you can now browse the hundreds of items for sale from different brands and prices that will surely makes you interested in buying. It is in fact one of the trusted retailers online that are selling out really good medical products.