Friday, November 23, 2007


one of the many things that i love... chocolate cupcakes! this one was brought home by the husband a few nights ago, bought it at Go Nuts Donuts, my favorite donut shop! :) it was my first time to try their cuppies and i was not dismayed at all! it was oh so yummy, not so sweet but tastes perfect! now i get it why its a little pricey compare to others... but it was ok! :) i even asked the husband for a next time!
photo taken using my goody old Nokia 6680 :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007


the sweetest thing... taken by our Family Photographer Ging Lorenzo during Olin's Christening... the husband cannot hide his feelings for our bundle of joy, thus kissing her all the time! i love seeing them so sweet... you see, this photo is my desktop background for the longest time now, and i never get tired of it. never ever. i'm planning to have this blow up and have it framed so that Olin will grow up always seeing this, her undying bond with her dad... it melts my heart...

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