Saturday, October 24, 2009

me? a CSR?!

Funny how somebody asked me if I am working as a call center agent or something. At first I really was wondering why in the world did she asked me if I do so, is it too obvious with my dark circled eyes?! or maybe I look like a zombie walking in a broad daylight when we bump into each other two days ago. But then, after realizing my deep thought, she just blurt that the reason she asked me that is the fact that she often sees me online at wee hours of the day, which is really odd for a non csc agent to be. And so I told her that I work online, and practically burn myself from working overtime! haha.

Friday, October 16, 2009

hands full

This will be my official last post for today, since I got my hands full on offline stuff this morning I'd probably be back online during the afternoon. Will have to rush my orders to the courier service and check our house, it has been weeks since the last time I visited. Will also try to pay bills and check out cheap insurance offering by a friend. A quick trip at the mall in the mid afternoon if my body still permits me to do so! So there, quite busy huh! You sure bet!

identity theft protect

Been blogging for quite some time now and I probably should get one of those identity theft protection just like the other bloggers who got this protection thing. Although there is nothing to protect as much as I hope to have, well I guess basic stuff like my online photos which are hosted on my flickr are the most important thing with me. Not much of an online based when it comes to finances and other personal stuff. That's why.

Monday, October 12, 2009


It has been more than five months since the husband left to work in another country. And the only way we can keep up with each other is through online chatting, actually I had to search for live chat software that will help us talk more without all the hassle use of the free chats online. You see, we only have few minutes everyday to talk because of our conflicting time schedules. So just to make sure everything will work out right, like better chat paths and no down time during the sessions, great software for online talking is a must in order to do so. It may costs a few bucks but if you try to think see the advantage of having one, it's just plain worth it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bath tub likey!

My cousin sent me this photo of one of their cruise bathroom, actually she just wanted to show me the gold plated faucets of the ship. It was all so nice and pretty I actually wanted to have one! but then again, it's pretty expensive so I guess getting one wouldn't be a practical thing to do. The husband might freak out if he knows what I buy from our money! And that scene is not too pretty to imagine, so there, let me just show you guys the uber nice bath tub, which is indeed sparkly clean and gleaming! well done cousin! :D

rachel all around the world

term life

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