Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Heaven knows how I truly dig online shopping sale! It simply gives a very soothing sound on my head :D making me want to hoard and shop 'til I drop kind of thing. But of course, I just can't do that, it's impractical and yes really an expensive hobby. So what to do? well at least buy few from all the nicest items being offered, or better shut your eyes until the sale season is over - which is just impossible! then I guess there is nothing better to do but buy and splurge! hahahaha
And speaking of great items on sale..been eyeing some awesome leather briefcase for men and this Old Navy faux leather canvas tote! Pretty isn't and it's on sale! :D woohoo! love the colors too, so help me... which is better?

stressed? have desserts!

stressed?! chos!

One of the perks of being an event photographer is having to eat all those awesome food during or after the party! And here is what I am often looking forward to, the cakes and desserts! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

wake program

Last night, we went to a friend’s last night of wake and was surprised to see so many people bereaving with the family. Apparently here in the province, there are wake programs that are being practice, like performances of difference choir and dance groups as a way of expressing their sympathy to the grieved family. There are also a band that are ready to play until the wee hours of the morning complete with drums and gibson les paul custom too! And as weird as it is, crowd will end up clapping their hands after each performances even asking for more!

bride preps

glen and sharon

Yes. bride-to-be needs to have lots of photos before their big event. thus, it is needed to be armed with lots of posing ideas for them to execute!

cute scrubs

I have noticed that the hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions have made the big leap from the old more traditional white uniforms. Certainly the funky and cute scrubs look more comfortable to wear and they are more cheerful to look at, and just contribute to a happy feeling. This can't but help to brighten a patient's mood. I asked the clinic staff where they got their cute scrub tops like theirs. They said they got their scrubs at Apparently this website has become very popular as more and more health care staff realize the many medical uniforms choices that are now available to them.

bride and groom

glen <3 sharon

something that i found really cute during one of our wedding coverage :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

chain smoker no more.

Yes, for the record I use to be a chain smoker for like, seven years. Different brands, name it!  and as time goes by, I got so used to the flavors and smell of every brand there is aside from being familiar with discount cigar shops too! It all started during my first year of College, yes, that early. At first I only consume a stick per day, until I was able to finish a whole pack in less than 24 hours! It was really something I can't be proud of, but something I cannot deny either. Actually, my friends still do smoke, and it was just me who were able to stop and carry on with the quest for healthy living. And for more than a decade now, I haven’t puff even once!

bride and bouquet

bong <3 hazel

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the traditional bride and her bouquet shots. In fact, it wouldn’t be called a wedding without a bridal bouquet! That is why, as a struggling wedding photographer, I make sure to get dose of bride+bouquet shots before the ceremony wherein usually, the bride uses the photos as her profile picture on her cyber/online accounts! that is why, it has to be close to perfect shot (if not perfect) always!