Saturday, August 22, 2009

accounting 101

If ever given a chance, I will continue my study in Accountancy. Who knows, I might be able to pass the board exam too and be able to work in the famous Las Vegas Accounting Firm -heads up. You see, it has been one of my longest dream to work in an accounting firm just like that, I used to imagine myself in my power suit meeting clients and dealing with their accounting problems and book keeping and whatever. And of course, we all know that this profession pays a lot! thus making accountants stays on the pedestal of the high earners. But you know, work of a CPA is a no joke, it is a hard task to do all the stuff that involves yes, accounting.


taken during our trip to Bohol last year. I woke up before the sun rises because i wanted to see for my self the Bohol sunrise! :) i even had a sole time while enjoying the cold sand of the beach... i took this shot while looking at the other tourists gathering for a quick trip in the shark's breeding area, a few hundred meters away...


eversince i was a kid ive'd always dream of becoming a flight attendant. not knowing of the good pay it reciprocates but with the thought of flying to different countries. i really wanted to go places. but it took me 25 long years to experience it the first time. domestic flight, that is. though i'm still hoping to travel even not as a flight attendant. duh! :) maybe, i'll get rich and just travel for leisure! bwhahahaha! good luck to me! :)


Ceiling of the reception area of Maribago Beach at Cebu Philippines, while composing myself after the long travel i found this interesting ceiling structure above us, so i took my camera out and voila... shot from above!


an up close and personal shot of the cake my sister has during her birthday given by her friends. it was so chocolatey that i ended up eating the chocolate topper! hahaha.. talk about being a choco addict here! and i heart the not so sweet icing it has... yummy!

on acai

I have been thinking lately if I would go for those Acai Berry Energy Supplement that are being sold in the market today,having been known to suppress ones appetite, I am one hell of an intrigue lady here. I mean, c'mon everyone wants to get back to their before pregnancy body, right, and I am one of those many mommies hoping that one day, the before waistline measurement would come back. But you see, being so busy and lazy forbids me not to get the right work out exercise I should have, thus inquiring for such diet pills is something I do for now. Who knows, I might get the body I want after some number of tablets.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

fun otd wedding

We first here the story behind the beautiful getaway destination through my dad who already had an experience vacationing on different islands and vacation spots, he says that there are so many awesome resorts to choose from once you are there, and only enjoyment and relaxation is what you will feel there. Anyways, we are thinking of grabbing one of those packages a certain beach can offer, since we didn't have an offical honeymoon after our wedding three years ago, I guess that this is the time to experience that, even just for a while. So there, I search and look for hot spots that we might consider, and most of the resorts are tagged with ! meaning, most of them are offering beach destination weddings, I think. And although I love weddings, I might pass on the idea of having to stay with so many guests roaming around, what I would want to have is a peaceful beach experience wherein we can do whatever we want, with only a few people surrounding us. How I wish we can get this dream happen before the year ends. Anyways, if you are also looking for destinations for your vacation, check out!


taken at Canyon Woods during one of the family trips... while waiting for the others to come and hubby's taking care of our daughter at the same time MIL and Tita in Law were talking to the receptionist the bench was left unoccupied. I took out my camera, take the shot and here.... i love the indoor lights of the room. Cozy and warm. i wonder how many people have had sitted on this bench...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crocs for sale

Aside from all the bags and watches that we are selling, we also have this authentic Crocs shoes for sale. I don't how come one of our box was invaded by this size seven brown rubber when there were actually no one ordered for it. Probably my friend Glo were able to snag this at another steal price thus she wasn't able to refuse buying it. Actually, we are already planning to sell different types and brands of shoes just like Dansko shoes, Aldo, Nine West and other authentic brand at a very affordable price of course! So there, we will announce when we are going to focus on the shoe shopping in a short while...
Meanwhile, maybe you are interested with this shoes? just pm mo for the price :D

crocs W7