Saturday, February 26, 2011

gotta do it!

I am watching my diet lately not because I am gaining weight but I notice that I do love eating these past few days. It is maybe my way of releasing my stress or it is maybe attributed to the yummy dishes I encountered everyday. Due to my fear of gaining so much weight, I am thinking of taking an appetite suppressant but still unconvinced. I maybe just discipline myself and tell myself to eat just enough.

Friday, February 25, 2011

to pop or not?

When I am browsing the web, there are websites that are featuring different weight loss pills. I started to think if these pills really work or do all pills work or side effects are being experienced by all men and women? I did not try any of these because eating is really exciting; I even encourage my husband to try new restaurants in town and of course to try new dishes. Hmmm.. yummy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

to be healthy

When we budget our money, we tend to make a list and to put an estimated amount of each item that we will buy. In this way, we are on the right track of budgeting our money. For me, food is on the top of the list and multivitamins for my loved ones are included in this priority. Seeing my healthy husband and daughter is really an attainment for me. They serve as my strength in my daily tasks.

the big ?

how to reduce belly fat is always the question for a woman who just delivered a baby recently or some 4 years ago. Gaining pounds from pregnancy is really expected and the next action that a woman might do is to reduce weight after delivery. But for moms like me, having a cute kid to look at and spend some quality time with is more fulfilling than losing more and more weights. I am indeed a happy and proud mom.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

medical places

I usually heard the “toxic” word from medical professionals, from nurses to medical doctors. Sometimes, I got time to think about it, then, I realized that hospitals are really a toxic place to stay with from the smell of medicines to other medical related products. I remember the days when I need to be hospitalized, all I want is to go home and I feel sicker staying in the hospital. It made me feel even weaker. How about you? But then again, speaking of medical facilities, have you have about medical alert systems? it is actually being offered at medical homes specially made for those who are under their care. With that system, they can monitor their in-house patients without having to worry on their whereabouts and all. But then again, going back to medical facilities, just the thought of the smell of the place makes me feel weak and nauseated already.

Friday, February 4, 2011

project car: done

The husband is at his happiest now because after waiting for weeks, his project car is finally done! Though it still needs some finishing touches here and there and hopefully by Sunday, he’ll be able to deliver that baby to it’s owner. I heard he’ll be checking out car shops for brake rotors and the likes as the owner is thinking of having some parts change. Will make sure to share the before and after photos of the said car soon! :D