Friday, May 30, 2008


In times like this, where the economy is struggling hard to survive, buying a brand new car is almost near to impossible for the average status people, but for those who are not being affected by the poverty issue, it wouldn't be possible. Anyways, I guess that is still why many car manufacturers are creating and building low cost and gas efficient models in order to catch up with the able buyers, making it possible for them to acquire a brand new car. And with it comes a lot of add ons and freebies such as gps tracking system and the likes, which is so useful specially if you are not really familiar with the places you go to. How I wish to be able to get myself a brand new car too, someday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

house and home

I love watching Boy and Kris every morning, maybe because I love their celebrities house invasion segments wherein they visit the beautiful houses of the local stars here in the Pi. It's like actually seeing their pads in person because everything is being covered and were actually being asked by either Boy or Kris, the story I mean of almost every home furniture in one's house. Like for example the reason for having those huge and wood dining table rather than getting those trendy glass and metal tables for the dining area of Aiai delas Alas. It's really nice, you know having some good home and design ideas that might be use for the future.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yesterday, a friend texted me if anyone would be interested to buy a brand new laptop from her. It was really cheap I must say, compare to it's mall price. With all the accessories included and a good specs composition, the one who'll buy it must be super lucky! If only I have enough money, I'll probably buy that, but as of now, not yet. Not capable. But if there is anyone looking for one, you can buzz me and you might be interested with the unit.

Friday, May 16, 2008

dream biz

You know, if I would be given a chance to have my own business I probably would get a franchise of one of those coffee shops in the metro and bring it here in the suburbs. You see, I wanted to expose the locals on this specialty shops wherein they can have a time or two unwinding their day while sipping one of those freshly brewed coffees and sipping those cold fraps that would be a sure hit for the yuppies and the students. I hope that someday I would have that dream come true, and I will be back to post it here too!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My mom asked me on what will do to get back into my wanted shape, I know that she doesn't believe me when I say that I would go for the natural way and exercise, as far as everyone knows, I am like her, lazy to do all the exercise and working out. That made her think of what pills will I use to trim down my body. So I told her about my thoughts of getting somePhentermine without a prescription since it can be bought over the counter I bet it is really safe and effective. Don't you think so too?

bet to win

My dad who is into taking care of his Wining lottery numbers is now being hook to playing lottery games online, although his not betting much of his money there because he make sure that there is only alloted amount in betting his Lottery numbers. And speaking of online betting, there is this one site that you can play your Wining lottery numbers. Being tagged as the best Online Lottery in the world i bet this site is so legit and is approved by the gaming commissions or something.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

closed door

After two days of my daughter's stay at her grandma's place she was able to learn how to open and close those big vinyl shutters of the house that serves as a connecting doors for the living room and dining area. And yes, I also found out that she can now go out of the main door too! My mom told me that no one instructs her nor tells her how to open the door, but by looking at her cousins whenever they went out she quickly follows imitating the other kids! Now with this additional know-how, we must keep all our doors close and lock so that she can never leave the house without any companion.