Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've been asking my husband to buy me a new lingerie that I could wear on this coming Mother's day. You ask why? well I didn't know the reason why a sudden want of that sexy thing too, but you see having been a busy wife and mother sometimes I feel like I need a little pampering or something, and I would want to feel sexy and beautiful for my husband you know, so as not to neglect myself and my love for sexy night piece. Well let's see, I hope to have a new one this coming week! a surprise gift would be perfect!


here's a snap of my niece having her grandest time with the pool during our family get together, and would you believe that she was in the in the water for like ten hours straight! yes, sunburn and her mad mother awaits her after the whole day fun! :) hahahaha

Monday, April 28, 2008

lock up

as we are aware that there are many celebrities specially the Hollywood famous had their certain body parts insured , not only they had their assets get insured but as well as their face and body parts. but are you aware of Life Lock?! it is another new insurance type that covers complete recovery service in the unfortunate event that you ever lose your wallet! ah, new and interesting right?! well, here this for more, with LifeLock promo codes, one can get themselves be at ease whenever a chance your wallet get stolen, this insurance policy covers everything that is inside your wallet like credit cards, atm cards, social security cards, your drivers license, insurance cards, passports, VISA, immigration docs, diplomas, checkbooks and travelers checks. cool isn't? this LifeLock is something so advisable to acquire. like me, it was such a hassle when my wallet got stolen a few months ago, all of my identification cards are there, thus making me get an affidavit of loss and re-applying everything! my cash is another story. sad story, to say

Friday, April 18, 2008

fitness equipment

I was talking about my fitness regimen in my other blog, that I know most of you have already read, right? Anyways, I've talked about my future plan to purchase one of those quite expensive fitness equipment, don't get me wrong here though, I do not plan to buy that in cash, let's talk about terms here alright? hehehe. So there, I was talking to my husband about it and my idea of that purchase, soon. But unfortunately, he made me realize that getting that bulky fitness thing would be not possible for our little house, no place to put it actually. Then it hit me, he was totally right! I never thought about it, so I guess I'll be opting for a smaller equipment like one of those mini ellipticals.

low vision

A friend asked me if I have any idea on where to buy one of those low vision aids gadgets that are being sold in the US. Honestly, I don't have any idea on where to buy such item locally, so I suggest for her to search online and hopefully she'll find one. So a while ago, since I don't have any thing to do I did my scouting for those vision aids stuff and was able to find from firststreetonline.com an array of different kinds and types of reading aids, it was fantastic! those were products I never was aware of, so next time somebody would ask me for it, I know where to lead them. Great online finds at its finest.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

facial talks

Two days ago I was accompanied by my husband to Nature's Way Aroma Therapy center at SM Bacoor for my facial schedule. It has been more than a year when I had my last facial treatment and goodness, the black heads and white heads that were took out are so many! my face was hurting the moment it was over. Good thing I had the package that has facial masking and laser treatment, thus making the hurt feeling at ease a little. It took over an hour to finish my face, and I can sense that the dermatologists had some good hard time with me! hehehehe... and yes as expected, she advised me to buy wrinkle cream and have it as my night routine just like my moisturizer.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

on cables and wires

My father has been into organizing and fixing every single wires and cables in the house, a neat freak I must say, just two days ago he was atop of our roof fixing the loose cables of our television antenna! He even went to those specialty shops that sells out those HDMI splitters among other types of splitters and routers for every electronic equipment we have, making sure that everything is doing good. Well, it was all good really, meaning we don't have to worry about the future problems it could cause us since it was doing all good and running smoothly now. Thanks to dad!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


How would you like to get your own live show telecast on the internet, where everyone whom you permits can watch your live broadcast gag and craziest and even those ooh lala singing talent you got? yes you can! how? you really wanna know how? simple. You just have to register and create and account at www.blogtv.com and voila! You can upload your videos in a live tv format they got for you. Sounds fun right?

love this song!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

my short hair!

Yes, I've done it. Cut my hair short after a decade of strutting a long layered hair, I finally was able to convince myself to get a semi bob cut. So what do you think? I look so fat! argh. Now my cheeks and neck cannot be covered with my hair anymore, exposing more skin and flesh! lol... but nevertheless, I love my do now! with an acne treatment procedure that I'm having now, having a less maintenance hair is a plus.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

place to land

We spent the whole day at my parents house today, we just got home and guess what we did the whole day? watch the television while taking care of Olin. The weather is so hot and humid thus making us all stay inside the house without any other activities at all, or else we'll perspire buckets. Anyways, mom was telling us about her latest real estate finds near our place, not that she's going to buy or something, she was just scouting some available estates for a family friend whose been looking for one. It was nothing fancy like the ones in Wilmington real estate but a little more like it I guess, the place was awesome, although not yet hundred percent develop but it was all good. Maybe the family friend would like it too, we'll see.