Thursday, June 27, 2013


Mom is into buying jars, and when she say jars she meant those big and tall ones to be displayed in our living room. Actually even my father also liked the idea on collecting jars and stuff as it makes our home a chinese inspired one. Anyways, speaking of jars and ceramics, have you heard about online shops that offers even industrial stuff already? just like alumina ceramic tubes that can already be ordered online! no fuss! cool indeed!

alice in wonderland cake

alice in wonderland cake! #ksnaps #ksnapsroductions #cake #alice #aliceinwonderland #birthday #1stbirthday #kids #cupcakes #fondant #cakes

another awesome cake from our January's event :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Our dear Olga just turned 1! and as requested by my daughter we checked out various pet stores at the mall and look for the perfect gift for her. And after hours of deciding what to buy, we then finalized on a very cute pet bed for my sister's shitzu dog! Wasn't able to take picture as we need to have it wrapped up, will just take photos when Olga is using it already :)

where i stand

where i stand. 3.25.13