Monday, May 31, 2010

eye cream

Suddenly I found myself browsing and searching sites that offers effective eye creams, realized that my eyes badly needs help already. Black under eyes is causing me to freak out already and the thought of having something to put on it came into mind. The thing is, there are so many stuff available online and I can't even seem to know what to choose. So what I did is emailed my friends and asked for suggestions... and somebody sent me a click here> link! gotta check it out in a few! :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

loving the dollar store products

It has been what, more than three years now when I started shopping online. It was really a heaven feeling whenever click the items that I would love to have and voila, in a matter of few weeks, the item together with some more items is delivered to my doorstep! That simple. Sans though the four to five weeks waiting period for our shopping loots to arrive. But really, never thought that I would be very much addicted to shopping stuffs online. Though my mom already told me that I have the tendency to splurge and to impulse buy whenever I see something nice and cheap. And was able to prove that to myself after seeing myself does retail therapy every so often even for those items that I just don't seem to need.
That is why I am super thankful for the dollar store products, for being available every time I need to let go of my shopping itch, at least I wouldn't have to buy expensive products and at $1 I can already contain myself and feel satisfied. But to be honest, those dollar store item are really heaven sent, because imagine being able to buy let's say items for a birthday party everything priced at $1 is really affordable especially those wholesale dollar items that are very much pretty expensive if you buy them on malls and specialty shops right?
So there, I'm really bragging and telling you to shop on dollar store! it's very practical, and you'll save a lot :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

on trying this credit card consolidation

Admit it or not, we all love to shop. Though we only differ on what literally fancies our tastes and sensed right, but yes, definitely we all love to shop and splurge every once in a while. Er, for some especially those who have the ways and means, read: credit cards of all kinds! shopping is just so easy to do with just one swipe of that tiny plastic card.. voila! retail therapy at it's finest.
And that is what we call the tip of the iceberg.
For there are these times when get stuck on credits, we, people tends not to face the fact that they have their duty to pay the debt, that most are having their backs on it, because they cannot meet the due date and the amounts to be payed.
but do you know that there is a great resource available to help consumers to get back o their feet and be financially capable and bounce back after the fall? loans or the so called credit card consolidation or others call it debt consolidation loans are now available for those who want their credibility in terms of money back. But I believe that those who'll apply for one also must need to undergo credit counseling or something. But for sure, once your application gets approve they will be the one to decide whats best for your need. By making payments on time consumers can regain their credit capability and hopefully their future, financially speaking. And with the regain of financial stability the person can again be accepted with other major financial institution and perhaps might be given another chance to have a transaction with them.

Friday, May 14, 2010

on breast augmentations and other surgeries

i happen to be texting with a girlfriend earlier today, she said that she's into working out her body in preparation for her daughter's birthday. i guess she wanted to be sexier than ever! i know how she feels, because i myself is also thinking about my flabby body! you know, six months after giving birth..goodness! not even breastfeeding helps me shed weight! hehehe... back to my friend's weight loss program... she said she'll be enrolling herself to this body center to help her get back the wanted body shape and weight that she has before having a baby, since she cannot do rigid exercises due to her asthma and weak bones, she cannot be into working out by exercise like taebo, aerobics and weights. I think she will be undergoing treatments of some sort, i am still not familiar with actually. Giving herself three months to get the body she wanted, oh well, of course that equals a large sum of money!

believe me, we are all living in a conscious world now. even i, if not only breastfeeding and financially able, i would be happy to take dietary supplements, fat burning capsules, specialized tea's for slimming purposes and if given a chance, would undergo tummy tuck and lipo! :) given the fact that i am not the type of person who's afraid of needles and seeing blood. it would be easy for me! can somebody be my sponsor for this? hehehe...

being invaded with a great numbers of Medical Institutions who does treatments for the beautification of the body is one of the reasons why most of the can-afford are indulging themselves in going under the knife. Examples of those are the mommy celebrities who are honestly expressing themselves in getting a liposuction or tummy tuck after giving birth like Claudine Baretto, she just gave birth two weeks ago but already have a close schedule of getting herself a lipo in the next two months! cool isn't!? she doesn't want to get herself in an all natural weight loss program since it will eat up a great number of days and weeks and even months to finally get to her desired shape. how i wish i can be just like her! probably i wouldn't have to buy bigger pants just to get my flabs be accomodated. hehehe...

Like Kris Aquino, the famous honest to goodness tv host slash actress of the Philippines, she's been so open to the world that she has undergone a breast augmentation surgery, she wanted to have a bigger firmer bumpers and for a little number of weeks, she has it! that easy. It's been a noisy news in the local showbiz how she got herself under the knife and how her family violently reacts on her deed, but nobody was able stopped her in doing so. she wants it, she got it. she has too. not even her boyfriend and mother was capable of stoppong her. but then again, look at her boobs now! men, awesome! firm and big! hehehe...

It is actually a matter of choice for us. For those who are conservative part of the society it is a complete no-no. but for some who are free and open minded in getting and achieving their best look it is a great choice.
it depends on how you consider things and how you can take things. In case you might want to learn more about breast augmentations and cosmetic surgery face lift check out

food photog

If given a chance, I'd get myself into product/food photography. Basically because I love to eat and eat sweets... and the latter are the most interesting item to shoot (for me). That is why, I often tend to search on the net for the nicest food snaps taken by those fella shutterbugs like me. And here is one of the many I found that actually makes me drool, I love ice cream sundaes and the dainty colors are so overwhelming nice! But in the end, I need to pop on my phentremine for me not to get so fat and bloated from all those yummies!

sleeping prob

I used to have no problem with sleeping when I was younger. And those best sleep aids were non sense to me, because I'm the type of person who can sleep just about anywhere at anytime! But I realized that as we age, getting myself to sleep has been one of my issues. Maybe because I tend to
work till the wee hours of the night and my body is not used to sleeping at an early time of the time. so now, I'm not sure if my case is considered as mild insomniac or I just need a little help from sleeping aid to get me to slumber.


Election 2010 is over and done, as well as the annunciation/proclamation of the winners is just one
breath away. And what's next for us all?! Not really sure on that though, but we all still hope that all their promises will get into action like the social security disability that they promised for the elders of the country or their district constituents. The promise of work and free education to those who can't afford to pay for their own tuition. Free or cheap medicines that can be avail by those who truly needs it amongst the other promises they made during their campaigns. I truly hope that they'd stick to what they said and not leave us all on hang.