Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She’s a Techie

mini lukring

Now here’s a photo of my little girl using her so-called Téléphones cellulaires that she found on my cabinet back in my parents place. She then brought it home and use/play with it as if there’s no tomorrow! You see, she always wanted to have her own mobile phone to boot, but of course that’s impossible for she  is way to young to have one! So she’s pretty much contented with this old phone that actually is not functioning already, so if you see her on the photo in her concentrated state, don’t buy it, she’s a good actress :)

Thankful for my folks


Maybe it’s luck or probably the One up there loves us that much to give us awesome parents. I mean, if there is one thing in the world that I am very much thankful  and proud for, my parents tops! What makes them extraordinary is that they love my daughter even more that they treats her as if their own child. My heart often swells or whatever you call it whenever I see them enjoying each others company. That is why even if I can’t provide for them monthly allowance or something, I make sure to snag few items like online gifts for grandparents or even treat them whenever possible, just you know to make them feel a little bit more appreciated. Though hopefully of course, I still want to give them financial bonus monthly… hopefully!