Sunday, January 16, 2011

can’t sleep?

Our daily routine is to wake-up, work, go home and then take a rest by means of sleeping. It is normal that sometimes we experience difficulty of getting into sleep. It might be attributed to some thoughts we can’t avoid while lying down. But some experience the so called insomnia. They usually can’t fell asleep even if they do everything to fall asleep. If you are into this situation, you might need to consult a doctor so you’ll know if you have health problems like heart disease, depression and others. sleep aids may help you to get over of insomnia but you may also try the natural way of getting rid of insomnia.

clicky click!

Since, millennium year really indicates computer age. Every one of us can use cellular phones, laptops, computers and other high technology gadgets. Have you noticed that most of the websites we visited have links to another files or another window of their website. Usually, these links are in bold or italics letter with a caption click here. It maybe because the programmer wants to emphasize that the link connected to that is important. Try to be observant, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

beautiful faucet

Now after bearing with months of being faucet-less in our bathroom, I finally able to decide what to buy in replace for the old one. Good thing, I was able to search online and found nice Hansgrohe faucet designs to choose from! To show you an example, I snagged one photo and posted it here. Now, isn’t nice and elegant looking? that is what I am going to search on the nearest house and house shops nearby! Hopefully I’d be able to see one and ask the husband install it as soon as possible :D

New for the New Year

So what, it’s the new year and everyone of us deserves something new to strut around right!? Actually, I’m thinking of getting something big like a nice gadget that has to do with photography or a new rackmount computer to boot! Well, with my line of work, I needed something sturdy and efficient enough able to bear with my long hours of working online. Unfortunately, when I did some checking on my depleting savings, I learned that I wouldn’t be able to fork out funds for that expensive computer. But a fab phone case from Coach might do! well you know, just to have something new and sparkling to show off! :D

Saturday, January 1, 2011

lock up

Due to worldwide poverty, some of us tend to do bad things such as shop lifting, stealing and car napping to answer financial needs. That is why many of us install different garage door parts to feel the security they need. We need to be wiser if we want to feel safe every time. Some of us may be working at night so we need to make sure that our loved ones are alright while we are gone.

usb drives

Do you remember the time when we started to learn how to operate a computer? Before, we use diskettes to save our files, now we use external CDs, hard disks and USBs. There are custom usb drives available now and these items are very useful nowadays. We are indeed in a fast innovating high technology environment. Even cars are innovating; there are parts that can really help the driver a lot.

happy new year!


may our new year be filled with love, joy, good health and prosperity!